August 29, 2007

You think you're tough?

You're not that tough until you do this like my aunt.

August 26, 2007

It's been good so far

Two weeks in, and I'm still glad I took the job. I guess that's a good thing. Class starts at Gettysburg on Monday, and my first meeting is Tuesday, so that's when things will really start to pick up. My main goal for tomorrow is to get ready for that first meeting with the team, and helping them to see how excited I am to be there.

August 12, 2007

Starts Tomorrow

I start my new job tomorrow at Gettysburg. I'm nervous and excited. I think I'm ready to do a good job, but I'm certain this year will be a series of learning experiences.

August 1, 2007

Pennsylvania Bound

So, we're off to Pennsylvania in fits and starts beginning tomorrow. Janet feels irrational loyalty to her job, so she is staying until the last possible instant (as if the place will collapse into Lord of the Flies style anarchy if she leaves too soon). I'm taking off tomorrow to begin the two day journey to Pennsylvania to assume the head coach position at Gettysburg College. Janet will follow on Friday. On Saturday, we'll hit up the Stum-Cardin wedding. Spell checker is ok with Cardin, but doesn't like Stum one bit. I don't like him either. No, I kid. Geoff Harner gets a punch in the neck when I arrive, as does Tony.

I'm pretty fired up about the opportunity to have a team to run. I'm ready to call all the shots and do the best I can to make sure my wrestlers are the best prepared athletes in any match. It's a lot of pressure, and Gettysburg has placed great confidence in me that I can do the job, but now I have to execute.