July 10, 2007

The man himself

We went to Frontera Grill today for lunch. This restaurant won the James Beard award this year given out to the best restaurant in the United States. It's moderately priced, given the honor. The owner and executive chef is Rick Bayless, author of several cookbooks and host of Mexico: One Plate at a Time which airs on PBS.

You never figure guys like that are ever at their restaurants, let alone at 2pm on a Tuesday. Yet, as I sat waiting for the waiter to bring me my receipt to sign, I looked up to the right and saw the man himself standing there. Then he walked behind Janet and over to the kitchen to talk to some of his staff. I told Janet to look to here right, since I didn't want to point, so of course she looks over and wants to know why I'm having her look at a guy on his Blackberry. I did eventually get her to look at the right guy. It was cool. If I had my Mexican Everyday cookbook with me, I'd have asked him to sign it.

Rick's brother, incidentally, is Skip Bayless, a completely unbearable ESPN personality. Rick is clearly the good brother.

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