July 2, 2007

Been Camping

Wrestling camp was fun. Lock Haven University's facilities don't match up to those at Messiah either in terms of air conditioning or food, but it was livable, if only for five days. If I'd had a fan, things would have been better, but I didn't really have room for one of those in my luggage, and my plan to have a roommate with a fan backfired when all the staff had their own rooms. Finally, with the weather cooling off, on the last night I dragged my plastic mattress (it was like sleeping in a crib) off the frame and plopped it right under the window to catch some of the cool air that could not penetrate any further. Thus was I able to actually get some good sleep.

It's always a ton of work, and I leave exhausted, but I always want to go back. This year, the wait is shorter than most as the Messiah College camp kicks into gear in just two weeks. You should go.

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