May 29, 2007

This probably isn't healthy

Every day, I sign into Yahoo! and check up on my man Joe Mauer. Joe is the starting catcher on my fantasy baseball team in the Messiah Wrestling league, Career Wins Leader. He's had an injured leg for a while now; in fact, he's been on the DL since May 5th. He may be back on Friday, but who knows? I really want him to come back, since he's the best catcher in the league, and was hitting .353 when he went down with his owie. But seriously, I check every day, since I don't want to have to deal with Paul LoDuca as my catcher any longer than I have to. LoDuca is an ok enough catcher, but he's no Joe. Should I care this much about Joe Mauer's leg? Most definitely not. Even if he is dreamy (as a side note, what the heck is Ryan Seacrest on this list for?). Anyways, I'm hoping Joe gets healthy, since my team needs to make a run toward the top of standings, and the return of Joe Mauer would be a perfect kickstart to my upcoming surge.

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