May 13, 2007

Get off the Shedd!

We went to the Shedd Aquarium with Janet's parents on Sunday. Janet's classmate, Deb Sting, works there and is able to get free tickets, which is nice, considering that saved us $27 per person. Some of the pictures are below. When we were in the penguin room, some people walked in there as some sort of special deal or something, and the penguins were not even a little bit scared, since they see people all the time. A few of them came up to the one guy and one took a few nips at his pants. Then, after the people left, those same penguins walked all the way over to the door, as if they were sad the people had gone. It was pretty funny.

Komodo Dragon - "If this rock weren't so warm, I'd eat you for lunch."

Beluga Whale - I think it's looking at me

Penguins - Two feet tall, but don't mess with the eggs

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