May 31, 2007


I mean, wow. I just watched LeBron James pour in 48 points to lead the Cavs over the Pistons in game 5 in double OT. He scored the Cavs final 25 points. He was the only Cav to score in either OT and the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter. It was a performance for the ages, and he'll need to do it again on Saturday to get his team into the NBA finals at the ripe old age of 22.

May 29, 2007


File this under "Things I Thought I'd Never See Again."

This probably isn't healthy

Every day, I sign into Yahoo! and check up on my man Joe Mauer. Joe is the starting catcher on my fantasy baseball team in the Messiah Wrestling league, Career Wins Leader. He's had an injured leg for a while now; in fact, he's been on the DL since May 5th. He may be back on Friday, but who knows? I really want him to come back, since he's the best catcher in the league, and was hitting .353 when he went down with his owie. But seriously, I check every day, since I don't want to have to deal with Paul LoDuca as my catcher any longer than I have to. LoDuca is an ok enough catcher, but he's no Joe. Should I care this much about Joe Mauer's leg? Most definitely not. Even if he is dreamy (as a side note, what the heck is Ryan Seacrest on this list for?). Anyways, I'm hoping Joe gets healthy, since my team needs to make a run toward the top of standings, and the return of Joe Mauer would be a perfect kickstart to my upcoming surge.

May 25, 2007

Check out my photo gallery

If you head on over to my new site and click on Photo Gallery, you can see a nifty trick when you click on a picture. Go ahead, try it. You'll also notice that the sidebar on the right displays a different picture every time you refresh the page.

May 23, 2007


Now, you can have your very own shirts. See the link on the main page or go directly to the store.

May 22, 2007

New Website

I started a new website dedicated the NCAA Division III wrestling. You can find it at It's a little sparse right now, but things will pick up. I built it using WordPress, which allows a lot of flexibility and automates a lot of database stuff to make it really easy to use. Take a look.

May 20, 2007

We're all professionals here

It takes a few seconds to get to the good part, but it's totally worth it.

Thanks to Hardball Times

May 18, 2007

Vomit Comet

Just check out that graphic right there. That's Apple losing $4 billion of market cap in six minutes. How, you say? Tech blog Engadget received an email from an Apple employee stating that the iPhone and the next MacOS would be delayed. Their post triggered the massive sell off. The only problem is that it's not true. Someone hacked Apple's email server and sent the internal email to several employees. Once the error was found, Engadget (and everyone else) posted retractions, and Apple got it's market cap back in 20 minutes. You can read more about it on the Engadget site.

Regarding yesterday's Apple news (Engadget)

Attention Baby Namers

If you are reading this and of childbearing age, you should read this list for names to avoid for your newborn son or daughter. They will thank you later.

Top 10 Baby Names 2006

May 16, 2007

Suspension Update

I guess I was wrong. Horry got 2 games, while Diaw and Stoudemire each got 1. Some reactions here.

May 15, 2007


After Robert Horry bodychecked Steve Nash into the scorers table last night, Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw stepped onto the court as if to defend their teammate. This much is not in dispute. NBA rules mandate a minimum 1 game suspension for leaving the bench to get involved in any sort of dispute. Diaw and Stoudemire are two of the Suns best players, and to lose them for game five would all but guarantee a win for San Antonio. While we wait to get an official ruling from the NBA, I'm going to say that I doubt they will suspend these start players before a pivotal playoff game. I'm not sure what the rationalization will be, but I just don't see it happening. I could be wrong, but we'll just have to see.

May 13, 2007

Get off the Shedd!

We went to the Shedd Aquarium with Janet's parents on Sunday. Janet's classmate, Deb Sting, works there and is able to get free tickets, which is nice, considering that saved us $27 per person. Some of the pictures are below. When we were in the penguin room, some people walked in there as some sort of special deal or something, and the penguins were not even a little bit scared, since they see people all the time. A few of them came up to the one guy and one took a few nips at his pants. Then, after the people left, those same penguins walked all the way over to the door, as if they were sad the people had gone. It was pretty funny.

Komodo Dragon - "If this rock weren't so warm, I'd eat you for lunch."

Beluga Whale - I think it's looking at me

Penguins - Two feet tall, but don't mess with the eggs

May 12, 2007

May 9, 2007

May 8, 2007

A lot of people can't even spell grammar

My middle school and high school drilled proper grammar into us with machine-like precision (As I write this, I'm hoping I don't make any grammatical errors, since that would be pretty embarrassing). However, my school was somewhat rare in this respect. It must have been, as I constantly come across writing and people who have little grasp of the subject. The link below has a few common mistakes and how to correct them. I will now also add a few of my own:

1. Using an apostrophe for a plural. It boggles the mind that I still see people doing this.
Right: I have three dogs.
Wrong: I have three dog's.

2. Spelling the words "definite" or "definitely" wrong
No explanation needed, just get it right

3. Using the expression "try and." You'll see this one in newspapers and edited websites even. If you think about the individual words, you'll see it makes little sense. This one is a personal pet peeve of mine, and it's very common.
Right: Try to open that door.
Wrong: Try and open that door.

4. Misuse of the word "literally."
Wrong: My heart literally broke when he said that.
Perhaps you need to go to the hospital.

Those are just a few. As a final gesture of goodwill, I want to encourage everyone to go to and download the latest edition of Firefox. It has built in spell check. Spell a word wrong while typing something, and Firefox underlines the word in red. You can even add words to the dictionary, if you don't want it to underline your last name or something. This spell check works in Blogger, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, and most anywhere else you can type stuff. You'll never spell definite wrong again!

10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid - ZDNet UK

May 6, 2007

Name School

I've been thinking lately about the value of a "name" school. Places like Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Williams, or anywhere that has a program ranked #1 or #2 in the U.S. News rankings. I was thinking about it because Janet is planning to go to library school and she has applied to the University of Illinois. Illinois has the top ranked Library Science program in the country, and this is a draw for Janet, since she can pay in-state tuition to do their well-regarded online program.

We've gone back and forth about the value of a top-rated program. At times, I've thought that it really helped getting a job to be able to say, "I went to Cornell," or something like that. I've since decided that it might help you get an interview, but not necessarily a job. You'll get your job based on who you are and what you've done, not where you went. Janet will get her next job just like she got her last one, because she's good at it. The fact that she went to little Messiah College makes no difference. She found this out at Loyola. She was one of the smartest history students at Messiah, and nothing changed at Loyola, just like it wouldn't change anywhere else. The same abilities that cause you to excel in school will transfer to your job, and a smart interviewer will base their decisions on that rather than the name at the top of the diploma.

So, I conclude that the best college choice isn't the one with the name, but it's the one that is the best fit for you and will let you accomplish your goals. College really is what you make of it.

May 5, 2007

SAM 543 - Sports Administration Class Paper

I just turned in my latest grad school paper. It's a little over 16 pages long, and you can read it at the link below.

Title IX Compliance: Options for a Difficult Task

May 3, 2007

Short on Cash

This article has nothing directly to do with height, but it does quote the book Blink, which I've read, in terms of discussing earnings and height. Generally speaking, correcting for age, gender, and weight reveals that every extra inch of height is worth about $789 in salary. Good thing I'm in wrestling, where more people are short.

May 2, 2007

Digg Down Deep

Digg is a news aggregator site where users submit links which are then "voted" on by other users. The higher voted stories get pushed to the top of the page. In the last day or so, someone posted a story about cracking the Digital Rights Management for HD-DVDs. Digg took the link, an others like it, off the site in response to a cease-and-desist letter from some lawyers. Digg's users weren't too pleased and went to town on the website, submitting the deleted information over and over again until it was pretty much all that was on the site. In the face of this outrage, Digg relented and decided to quit deleting stuff and deal with the potential consequences. Read the story HERE.

May 1, 2007

Playoffs, Baby

I don't watch a ton of basketball, and I write about it even less, but I watched the last three quarters of tonights Warriors-Mavericks tilt and it was pretty enjoyable. Dirk Nowitzki has had a rotten series for someone who might win the MVP award this year. Baron Davis is everything he's been made out to be. The game, though, was something. Dallas was up 21 at one point, but then was down 9 with about 3 minutes left. Then, Nowitzki scored 12 of 15 as the Mavs went on a 15-0 run to take the lead for good. Nowitzki wasn't getting it done all night, and I was ticked, but then he turned it on when it counted and put the game away almost single-handedly. I say almost because Golden State started taking terrible shots with less than 3 minutes left. No selection, rushing unnecessarily, stuff that makes you the #8 seed that they are. It was kind of startling. They were definitely doomed after Davis fouled out. Everything they do runs either off his actions or is a result of Dallas having to keep track of him all the time. If you like basketball at all and can afford to stay up for a game with a 10:30 Eastern start time, you shouldn't be disappointed. I may make an effort to watch it here in the Central Time Zone.

Planet Earth

I've been watching Planet Earth on Discovery HD for the past few weeks. This week, the cat was sitting on Janet's lap when the birds came on. She perked up turned around, saw a bird on the HDTV and jumped down to go check it out. She had her paws up on the TV stand, and looked ready to attack the screen. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of that, but what I've got will give you an idea. I always knew she was a killer. She also spent some time looking behind the TV for the birds as well.