April 5, 2007


I've known about RSS for a while now, but just recently put it all to work for me. I have a Google home page where I collect RSS feeds. Now, I don't go to a blog unless my page tells me there is a new post. I don't have to open a dozen Firefox tabs to do my daily reading. I've got a page for blogs, one for sports news...I even set up a feed through Yahoo! Pipes to keep track of the players on my fantasy team (check it out here). Even Blogger is in on the action. If you look at the sidebar there you'll see a video section. Every time I post a video on YouTube, it will show up over there in the sidebar automatically. Finally, I set up a Yahoo! Widget with an account at MeeVee to let me know when the TV shows I watch have new episodes. Today, it let me know that The Office was all new. I have it set to tell me on the day the show is supposed to air whether the episode is new or not. No sense getting excited about House if it's a rerun thanks to stupid American Idol and the no-talent hacks it features. I'm really just at the tip of the iceberg with this RSS thing. Someone used Yahoo! Pipes to find the top ten downloads on iTunes and then automatically search YouTube for the music videos.

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