April 2, 2007


Unfortunately, dismal three point shooting led to the demise of the OSU basketball season. Greg Oden turned in an excellent performance in what is probably his last college game, but the fact that the returning champs brought back the whole starting lineup that won the first title turned out to be too much for the rest of the Buckeyes. I admit, I hadn't seen what all the fuss was about with Oden, since he spent most of the tournament in foul trouble, but he does some things very well and had the chance to pull them off tonight 25 points, 12 rebounds, 4 blocks. Perhaps he wanted to silence the criticism that has built up over the past three weeks and perhaps convinced some that fellow freshman Kevin Durant was worth of the top pick. I think I'd have a tough decision between the two if I had the first pick in the NBA draft. Durant does some special things, but Oden is huge and just scratching the surface of his immense talent. Anyhow, congratulations to Florida for tacking the NCAA Basketball championship onto the BCS title from January. Wouldn't Billy Donovan be crazy to walk away from Florida and go to Kentucky?

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Nate said...

Doesn't Oden look like an older LeBron James? I think Oden is the guy who plays "old LeBron" in those Nike ads.

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