April 16, 2007

Don't Click

Do not, under any circumstances, play this game unless you've got a spare hour to kill.

UPDATE: If you play the game on Medium or above, after you finish, enter your score into the group name LifeAndTimes. Make sure you type that exactly right. Then we can compare scores.

Thanks to TechCrunch


Jimmy said...

Yeah you were right. Computer crack right there! I'm hooked.

James said...

total computer crack!!

I about blew my mind up trying to beat your score before realizing that you can actually upgrade the towers...

Now I've gotta go back and do it agian.

James said...


Now that I figured out that I can actually UPGRADE towers ... I have finally defeated your top score.

I guess I better go back to work now.

Next time you say not to click on something.... I'm NOT clicking on it.

Drug dealer!!