March 28, 2007

The Number 4

I was homeschooled once. Back in 2nd and 3rd grade, I stayed home to learn and work and get done at noon and start summer vacation in May. It wasn't a bad life. Anyhow, I'd like to relate an argument I had with my dad back then. It involves the number four. You see, I wrote the number four like this:

Actually, I still write the number four like that, but it absolutely drove my dad crazy. I have no idea why it bothered him so much. He wanted me to write it like this:

We had some spirited discussions about this slight difference, with me demanding to know why it mattered if there was a little tail at the end of my four. I don't recall ever getting a satisfactory answer, since I still can't think of a single reason why one way is better than the other. How do you write the number four?


Anonymous said...

you know how I make a four, dang it!

I was afraid you would squeeze the open end together and it would get interpreted as a nine. This happened to me at Akron U causing me to have my SSN incorrect on my college record for some time. That so traumatized me that I wanted to make sure none of my children would suffer so.


Jimmy said...

I'm speechless. Simply speechless. I make mine like your's Andy, only sloppier. Mine probably fall into the category of 9-looking though, shamefully.