March 28, 2007

Read the Comment!

Everyone needs to read the comment on my previous post so you can get, as Paul Harvey says, the rest of the story.

The Number 4

I was homeschooled once. Back in 2nd and 3rd grade, I stayed home to learn and work and get done at noon and start summer vacation in May. It wasn't a bad life. Anyhow, I'd like to relate an argument I had with my dad back then. It involves the number four. You see, I wrote the number four like this:

Actually, I still write the number four like that, but it absolutely drove my dad crazy. I have no idea why it bothered him so much. He wanted me to write it like this:

We had some spirited discussions about this slight difference, with me demanding to know why it mattered if there was a little tail at the end of my four. I don't recall ever getting a satisfactory answer, since I still can't think of a single reason why one way is better than the other. How do you write the number four?

March 27, 2007

Long Goal

Ok, so this appears to be turning into a video blog as of late, and I'll try to make a post of some literary significance or something in the near future, but watch this guy kick the ball into next week:

March 26, 2007

Peyton Manning on SNL

This skit was pretty funny.

Thanks to Deadspin for posting the video

March 25, 2007

Free Software! collects a group of free software packages and makes them available for download. Almost anything you use the computer for can be done with a free program. There are alternatives that do at least 95% of the work for 100% less money. Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and others can all be replaced with the available free software. It's worth a look.

March 23, 2007


It sounds made up

But it isn't. Read the story of O.J. Mayo, the top basketball recruit in the country, and his "recruitment" at USC for next year. Check it out here. You may have to login, so go here to get a login and use it. Trust me, it's worth the effort.

March 20, 2007


Today is my dad's 50th birthday. Call him up and ask him about his new speakers and newfound appreciation of jazz.

Service Economy

I think sometimes we only focus on the bad in customer service, thus giving the impression that there isn't anyone out there who can do a good job. In actuality, we probably get adequate or even good service most of the time.

For example, I was in the grocery store yesterday. Oftentimes, the workers there don't seem happy to be there, and I imagine there are parts of that job that aren't a lot of fun, but yesterday I was standing in line and one worker came over and opened a new register, invited me to go over there, and was very friendly and helpful. There was nothing exceptional about the service or even necessarily the friendliness, but it was nice to see what a trip to the store is supposed to be like, and I thought it was worth mentioning.

March 12, 2007

Burning Questions with Andy Vogel

1. If you found out that Fallout Boy and All-American Rejects were the same band, would you be surprised?

2. Did you know that the first season of the Cosby Show was pretty much a cast doing Bill Cosby's standup act?

3. Did you know that only 16 of the teams in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament have wrestling as well as basketball?

4. Would you ever guess that this guy is the best college wrestler in the country?

5. What percentage of people in this country do you think can describe the concept of specific heat? Better yet, how many would know if water has a high or a low one?

6. If this didn't exist, could you have come up with it?

7. Would you feel comfortable sending your child to a school founded and named for a guy who claimed to have raised the dead and once said that if he didn't raise $8 million, God would "call him home?"

March 11, 2007

Photo Fun

I have no idea how to use my camera. F Stop, shutter speed, white balance; I don't really get it all. I'm sure I could learn if I felt like it, but instead I end up playing around, seeing what works, and then enhancing it in Photoshop. Here are two pictures I took of a blooming christmas cactus.

March 7, 2007

National Anthem

Continuing in our theme of posts dealing with my trip to Iowa:

During the initial playing of the national anthem on Friday, the sound system cut out somewhere around "rocket's red glare," but the fans in attendance picked it up almost without hesitation and finished it off strong. It was actually pretty cool to be a part of. I think an interesting idea at a sporting even would to plan for the fans to sing the national anthem. It's never done, and this proves that it can work. Have someone up there to get things started and then hand it off to the crowd. It would be memorable at least.

March 6, 2007

DIII Finals Recap

I posted this on a message board, and I'm sharing it with you:

DIII Finals Recap

125 Hansen (Luther) dec. Flodeen (Augsburg) 3-2
Both wrestlers had a rocky road to the finals. Hansen was taken down twice in the first period by Heilman of Cornell but won by scoring a defensive fall off a far side cradle. Flodeen defeated Helvey of Wartburg when Helvey got his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cautions all in a row with 12 seconds left to put Flodeen ahead by a point. Quite the mental breakdown. The finals was a ho hum affair with Hansen getting the sole takedown in the first period. They traded escapes frome there and Hansen won 3-2.

133 Morgan (Kings) dec. Vanier (Augsburg) 4-3
Both guys tried almost nothing for the first 6 minutes of the match and both were warned for stalling twice. Morgan finally took a shot to the left and immediately executed a lightning quick peekout and scored the match's only takedown. At the end, Vanier never really attempted anything as time ran down. Morgan is the first champ ever from King's College. His brother was 2nd at 141 in 2003.

141 Osborn (Augsburg) dec. LaForge (Delaware Valley) 7-3
Both wrestlers handled everyone else in the bracket to get here. LaForge knew the underhooks were coming with Osborn and capitalized with a first period fireman's carry. LaForge failed the escape in the second, and Osborn got two with a tilt. Osborn picked neutral, got a takedown, and rode LaForge hard, getting a stalling point while ahead. LaForge finally got out, but it was too little, too late.

149 Pyle (Luther) pin Roush (Mt. St. Joseph) 2:04
Three former champs at this weight and none of them were the #1 seed. Roush beat Evans and Larsen each 2-1 to make the final while Pyle was dominant in beating everyone, including Pflug. A quick snap and spin scored the first takedown (if I remember right), and Pyle used a tight waist and arm bar tilt followed by punching his arm bar fist to the mat to turn Roush and secure the fall. Pyle was named OW in the toughest weight in the tournament.

157 Anderson (Augsburg) dec. Galante (TCNJ) 5-2
After going 0-2 last year as the #1 seed, Galante stormed to the finals. Anderson had a rematch of the regional final against Gingerich in the semis. They felt each other out for the first period, and then Galanted scored an explosive takedown in the second. As time ran out in the 2nd, Galanted was in on a double leg (I thought it was 2) but in the ref's eyes, Anderson fought it off. In the third, Galante chose neutral with the score tied. Anderson timed a single leg to the left perfectly with a mistake reach by Galante and scored the winning takedown and rode him out.

165 LeVesseur (Augsburg) dec. Guenther (TCNJ) 3-0
LeVesseur dominated Knipp (who was still wearing his ISU headgear) 10-2 in the semis. Guenther won in the quarters and semis with a cement mixer. Guenther is also enormous at that weight. LeVesseur seemed content just to win and make sure he finished his career undefeated. The one real shot (a double) he took, he scored with, and it was obvious he could have done that whenever he wanted, but I think he saw Guenther's previous matches and didn't want to screw things up here. He finished his career undefeated and the first 4xer in DIII. ISU transfer Knipp ended up 5th, losing also to Palmer of UW-Lax.

174 Chelf (UW-Lax) maj. dec. Vanderhyde (Olivet) 9-0
Chelf put the hammer down on Vanderhyde in this match. He scored single legs in each period and never gave up an escape, getting a stalling point in the third to punctuate his dominance. On the first takedown, he shot to one side, got to his feet, popped his head to the far side and took Vanderhyde off his feet. It was nice.

184 Madden (Hunter) dec. Sair (Cortland) 3-2
Sair (1st @ 174 in '06) was one of the three best athletes in the tournament (along with Pflug and LeVesseur IMO), but Madden wasn't far behind. Madden took out Lulloff to make the finals, while Sair handed Djoumessi his 2nd loss of the year. Lots of pushing in this one. Each guy fought off a serious takedown threat in the first two periods, but Madden was able to make one stick in the third. Three different finals featured one wrestler in the two piece uniform. TCNJ, Hunter, and NYU all were wearing them.

197 Miller (Wartburg) maj. dec. Strandberg (Buena Vista) 11-3
Miller dominated all year and had the unseeded Strandberg in this one. Miller scored with a banana split and some nice shots. The outcome was never really in doubt, but Strandberg had a great tournament and did make Miller work for it. After the match, coach Jim Miller jumped into his (much larger) son's arms.

285 Gillis (Wartburg) dec. Kmetz (Baldwin-Wallace) 4-0
Gillis was a 3x runner up to Allen of UW-Lax. Kmetz was the biggest heavyweight there. Tall, strong, low body fat, but Gillis is a very good wrestler, if his 3rd place finish at the Midlands didn't convince. Gillis was able to ride Kmetz and scored a reversal in the third and rode him out again. No takedowns in this one as a fairly underwhelming final session came to a close.

As usual, the All-America round on Friday night was one of the most exciting parts of the tournament as guys left it all on the mat.

Other Notables: Augsburg had 9 AA's and won the title. UW-Lax had a disappointing tournament, and their fans came off as not that knowledgeable, booing when Larsen lost to Roush when there were no controversial calls, chanting "East Coast Timeout" during blood time (when the wrestler was from Ohio, to boot) or when a kid's headgear broke. I can't fault their enthusiasm, though. Eight #1 seeds won championships. The other two #1's didn't make the finals (Evans and Lulloff). Chambers of Platteville placed two years after spending a season chasing insurgents in Iraq. Swenson was coach of the year. The Five Flags center was a good venue with two full warmup mats and plenty of seating, though the fact that the nearest reasonable airport is 90 minutes away isn't great. The tournament is in Cedar Rapids next year, so all you Hawkeye fans should tear yourselves away from your Big 10 live updates and go see some actual wrestling next March.

March 5, 2007

Ok, go!

Type the names of all 50 states in under 10 minutes. I had 4:54 left when I finished, and the last state I remembered was Minnesota, thus guaranteeing it won't be the last one you remember.

Update 3/7: I beat Janet.

March 4, 2007

DIII Nationals

Just got back from the Division III National Tournament, and it was some good wrestling. Unfortunately, Messiah's Derek Ricker failed to place din this his senior year, but he had a good career nonetheless and sits at #3 on the all time wins list.

That aside, it was a good trip where I got to see some friends I don't see often enough, especially since a move back to Pennsylvania doesn't seem to be in the near future. I guess I'll have to make the most of the chances I get. It would have been better if Tony was there for me to punch in the neck, but I had to live without it.