February 6, 2007

Practice Today

I was in charge at practice today with the head coach having other obligations, so at one point, I decided to play a little game. In the last minute of live wrestling, I told the team that whoever got the most takedowns could sit out the following minute. After the first group went, the record was 2. The next group, including me, went out to wrestle. I scored three takedowns in about 50 seconds on our 165 pound wrestler, figuring that would win me the contest, and then I could make them all do the next minute (ha ha ha). Then, I find out another wrestler got three takedowns as well. I think his opponent gamed the system and let him get that last one, but what really matters is that I should have wrestled that last 10 seconds.

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s_man said...

That's true. Show 'em how's it's done.