January 21, 2007

Watched some football

I saw a good game today between the Colts and Patriots. The Colts shook off a season's worth of defensive struggle to win the shootout 38-34 and get the trip to Miami for the Super Bowl. All I can say is that Peyton Manning guy is a darn good football player. He's gotten a lot of knocks for a lack of postseason success, but I would still want him on my team.

With the Colts playing the Bears, it will be one of the biggest mismatches in terms of QB talent in recent memory with the best in the league going against a guy who should have been benched halfway through the season. The Colts win because of Manning and the Bears win in spite of Grossman.

I will say, if the Bears win, I'm going to sell my services on eBay.
# of World Series Wins by Chicago teams 1918-2004: 0
# of World Series Wins by Chicago teams 2004-2007: 1
# of Super Bowl Trips by the Bears 1987-2004: 0
# of Super Bowl Trips by the Bears 2004-2007: 1

If the Cubs win the World Series next year, I'm definitely putting something on my resume.

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Janet said...

you know we moved here in 2005, not 2004 :)