January 30, 2007

Things to Blog About When You Can't Think of Anything

1. Post pictures of yourself or pets

2. Post fun videos on YouTube

3. Tell an amusing, if mundane, story - like this one

4. Complain about something stupid - see the entire Since My Life is More Than Shoes

5. Quote song lyrics...that's a joke. Don't ever quote song lyrics without any context. Annoys the heck out of me, if you care.

6. Tell us about your favorite band/book/song/tv show/movie of the moment. For example, you all need to get yourselves some of The Clarks.

7. Write an episode of your favorite show:
House, M.D.
Cuddy: Your patient is dying, and stop taking those pills.
House: But I want to. And, nice low cut blouse.
Cameron: I love you.
Foreman: You're an idiot.
Chase: Look at my hair.
House: Now, about that patient. Your ideas are all stupid, this is what's wrong. Now send him home.
Wilson: You need people, by the way.
[cue indie music clip]
[roll credits]

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