January 30, 2007

Things to Blog About When You Can't Think of Anything

1. Post pictures of yourself or pets

2. Post fun videos on YouTube

3. Tell an amusing, if mundane, story - like this one

4. Complain about something stupid - see the entire Since My Life is More Than Shoes

5. Quote song lyrics...that's a joke. Don't ever quote song lyrics without any context. Annoys the heck out of me, if you care.

6. Tell us about your favorite band/book/song/tv show/movie of the moment. For example, you all need to get yourselves some of The Clarks.

7. Write an episode of your favorite show:
House, M.D.
Cuddy: Your patient is dying, and stop taking those pills.
House: But I want to. And, nice low cut blouse.
Cameron: I love you.
Foreman: You're an idiot.
Chase: Look at my hair.
House: Now, about that patient. Your ideas are all stupid, this is what's wrong. Now send him home.
Wilson: You need people, by the way.
[cue indie music clip]
[roll credits]

January 25, 2007

If your own lawyer punches you in the face...

...you probably did something really wrong.

I think this qualifies.

Pete Willson Invitational

It's this weekend, so it will be a busy time for me. 29 teams, most of them pretty good, will be descending on Wheaton College starting today. The wrestling starts tomorrow afternoon and concludes the following afternoon. There's a 100% chance I won't get enough sleep and a 110% chance I'll punch Tony in the neck.

January 23, 2007

New Look

Don't be alarmed; I just thought it was time for a change.

January 21, 2007

Watched some football

I saw a good game today between the Colts and Patriots. The Colts shook off a season's worth of defensive struggle to win the shootout 38-34 and get the trip to Miami for the Super Bowl. All I can say is that Peyton Manning guy is a darn good football player. He's gotten a lot of knocks for a lack of postseason success, but I would still want him on my team.

With the Colts playing the Bears, it will be one of the biggest mismatches in terms of QB talent in recent memory with the best in the league going against a guy who should have been benched halfway through the season. The Colts win because of Manning and the Bears win in spite of Grossman.

I will say, if the Bears win, I'm going to sell my services on eBay.
# of World Series Wins by Chicago teams 1918-2004: 0
# of World Series Wins by Chicago teams 2004-2007: 1
# of Super Bowl Trips by the Bears 1987-2004: 0
# of Super Bowl Trips by the Bears 2004-2007: 1

If the Cubs win the World Series next year, I'm definitely putting something on my resume.

January 19, 2007


Otherwise known as Firewire, and it's caused me no end of heartache. Everything was great for awhile until the wrestling team camera's firewire output decided to quit working sometime in the past offseason. Now, it records video like a champ, but editing that video is a challenge. I had a system I was using in the video room at work, but my hard drive isn't big enough to handle it except in bite sized chunks. I borrowed a camera from the track team, and it seems to work ok at home, though the sound is goofy, but I don't care that much about the sound. It's just wrestling after all. Once Janet gets a new laptop with a mother of a hard drive, then I can do what I need to do in the video room and capture a whole tape in one fell swoop.

January 15, 2007

January 9, 2007


You know, I really thought the Buckeyes were going to win. Then they decided to play like, well, you know.

January 2, 2007

Fiesta Means Party

Did you see the Fiesta Bowl? One of the most exciting games I've ever watched. Boise State holds a 28-20 lead with 1:30 left. Oklahoma scores to come within two. On the 2 point conversion try, the first two attempts were marred by penalties, and Oklahoma finally scored from the six to force the tie. After a kickoff return to the 25, BSU's next pass is intercepted and taken to the house. 35-28 OU with one minute left. After another kickoff, Boise drives down the field and gets to fourth and 18. They run a pass play just to the first down marker, but the receiver executes a beautiful planned lateral the other way and Boise scores on a 50 yard play with seven seconds left to force OT.

In overtime, OU gets the ball first and scores on the very first play. Now it's Boise's turn. They move a little slower and finally get to fourth and goal on the 2. With three receivers stacked to the right and one in the backfield, the QB races out to a flanker position on the left. The receiver takes the snap, sprints to his right, and lofts it just over the defender's outstretched arms to score.

Boise can force another OT with the extra point, but they've decided to win now by going for 2. The QB takes the snap whirls to his right and pump fakes a receiver screen. However, he keeps the ball down in his left hand while his right makes the throwing motion. While holding the ball down by his hip, the tailback runs behind him, takes the ball out of his outstretched arm and strolls in to win the game. The old Statue of Liberty play. I'm glad I stayed up for this one.