December 11, 2006

Semester ending

The semester is ending at Wheaton and the kids are about to go home after this week's finals. I'll be taking a final as well in my class. I'm also just about finished with my paper. I'll probably stick a link to it on here once I finish in case anyone thinks 20 pages on the stacking of Latinos in Major League Baseball is interesting.

The first semester of wrestling is over too. We lost to Elmhurst on Thursday, though with our two forfeits, it was a foregone conclusion. We had the chance to win five of the eight matches contested, but we only managed three. One guy got pinned after leading by seven with 30 seconds left. Another lost to a guy he had beaten twice last year.

Our tournament on December 2nd went a little better. We had six placewinners and one champ. It wasn't a very tough tournament, but every week doesn't have to be a meatgrinder. If you want to see video from any of it, try this link.

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