December 20, 2006

Frontera Grill

I ate at the Frontera Grill last night. It's a restaurant owned by celebrity chef Rick Bayless, star of Mexico - One Plate at a Time on PBS. He also owns the restaurant Topolobampo, which is next door and too nice to let someone like me in. Anyhow, I had the seared scallops with guajillo chile sauce, and Janet had the Tacos al Carbon with skirt steak. Both were fantastic. If you are ever in Chicago, I heartily recommend this restaurant. The total bill was just over $50, including tip, and we both drank water, so it's probably not an everyday kind of place, unless you've got more money than I do, but you should definitely go at least once. The beans that came with the tacos were out of this world good. Nothing refried here, and I doubt they came from a can. Everything was super fresh, and I daresay it was worth the cost. You can also keep the cost down if you avoid the $9.50 mojito and stick to the food.

The only downside to the trip was the walk from the train to the restaurant, but you know what you're signing up for when you go outside in Chicago in December. As we crossed the Chicago River, I told Janet if she fell in that I wasn't going to jump in after her since then we'd probably both die. She agreed. We also had to wait like 20 minutes for the green line headed back to Oak Park. Everything was all messed up after a derailment on the South Side earlier yesterday afternoon.

Today, I went and took my final exam for my class Contemporary Issues in Sports. I got an A on my paper, and all I had to do was not really screw things up today and I would get an A overall. I think I accomplished this goal. After getting my score on the multiple choice section, I figured out that I have to get at least 142 out of 200 possible points on the essay questions in order to get a 90 or better in the class. I think I pulled it off. Then I can start my next class, which is something like Sports Administration.

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