November 22, 2006

Halfway There

I'm about halfway to the minimum number of pages on my paper for Contemporary Issues in Sports. With a few days off and no travel on the docket, I hope to get a big chunk of that done this weekend. I have an interview email request in with a baseball writer who agreed to take my questions, and it will be good to get his responses to some questions I wasn't sure of another way to answer. I think I have enough sources, and I've got a good handle on the topic, but getting all the ideas onto paper in a coherent and well-written fashion isn't something I've done lately. Even when I was a full time student, I didn't have to write many research papers, since I was an engineering student. Janet did this stuff all the time, so I've been watching her do it for a while, but that's not exactly the same. It's good I like my topic, and I think liking the topic is key for me. If I had to write this paper about something I didn't care about, that would be tough.

By the way, I've been using a Google Homepage for a while now, but Jimmy got me to put another tab on there where I can put blog feeds, so I can check for updates to a dozen or so blogs all in one place. It's pretty sweet.

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Jimmy said...

I love my Google homepage! I also added a Games tab with game RSS feeds to Flash sites which allows me to play video games at The Workplace. Shhh, don't tell anyone. So far I've got the record for PacMan amongst The Workplace Competitors. The drag and drop feature of Google is awesome as well!