October 11, 2006

Tell Me Why

Tell me why the likes of Tim McCarver, Joe Buck, Thom Brennaman, Steve Lyons, and Joe Morgan get to broadcast playoff baseball. They aren't good, aren't entertaining, and think way too highly of themselves.


Sid McHenry said...

I feel your pain. Tim McCarver makes me want to move to Alaska or Canada where, with abundantly cold winters, there will be an ample supply of icepicks to jam into my eardrums.

Feel lucky you don't live in Southern California and your favorite team isn't the Angels. For 162 games a year we're subjected to the evil that is Rex Hudler.

If you have the time, inclination, or love of baseball, check out my blog at http://thecaliforniateam.blogspot.com/ where I'll be complaining about the soulless Rex Hudler all year long!

Nate Smith said...

Andy, I think you should create your own audition tape to replace these guys. You should A) Record a video game baseball game and do commentary for that, or B) go to a little league game and record commentary for that. It would be highly entertaining, and maybe the right person will see it and give you a job.

Nate Smith