October 8, 2006

I'm a Hall of Famer!

I drove back to Ohio this weekend for the Homecoming festivities at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy. Before the game, I was inducted, along with three others, into the CVCA Athletic Hall of Fame. Interestingly, both of the career leaders in shooting percentage for the boys and girls basketball teams were among the inductees. Even though the trip was long, it was good to see some people that I definitely haven't seen in some cases since graduation seven years ago. It's amazing how similar everyone looks. Sure, we all look a little older, but not that much different. Who would have guessed where we would all end up:

Tim Meier - after graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University, he is finishing up an M.Div. at Nyack College while working at a church in northern New Jersey just west of NYC. He was one of the inductees with me.

Rachel (Hallis) Meier - Clearly, married to Tim, and also a graduate of IWU. Expecting her first child in December, and the family is planning to move to France in 2008 for mission work.

Jordyn (Taylor) Corbett - Graduate of Grove City that manages a sub-prime lending subsidiary of HSBC in western Pennsylvania. More notably, she took me to school everyday during our senior year, clearly propelling her to future greatness.

Jon Ganley - Also an inductee, he is married and works as a State Trooper. Thankfully, he didn't pull me over on my trip home today.

Tim Hinman - One of my teammates, he graduated from Mt. Union College and does short term mission work. He's leaving soon for 8 months in Turkey.

Jarrad Turner - Another teammate, he is the graduate assistant coach at Kent State University and an active competitor on the freestyle circuit. He wrestled at Penn State in college, and is dealing with the news that two-time world medalist Joe Williams is now coaching at a school in his conference.

Alanna Romansky - Spent the summer in New Hampshire doing Shakespeare after graduating from Wright State. She also recently appeared in commercials for Cedar Point (America's Roller Coast, in case you wondered) and the Ohio Lottery. See her in action below:

We've really been all over the place, doing a lot of different things. I also saw some teachers, administrators, and the like. CVCA even won the game, though I can admit I saw about 2 minutes worth of it in all the hoopla.

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