September 28, 2006

World Championships

In 2005, the U.S. Men won a total of 3 medals (all bronze) in the 14 total weigh classes (freestyle and greco combined) at the world championships. It was embarrassing. In 2006, the tables have turned a little bit, and with two weight classes left to wrestle later today, the U.S. medal count stands at seven. Bronze medals have gone to Lindsey Durlacher, Harry Lester, Sammie Henson, and Donny Pritzlaff. A silver went to Mike Zadick, and golds went to Joe Warren and Bill Zadick. Daniel Cormier and Tolly Thompson will start wrestling later today.

All in all, a good performance (so far), and the U.S. has a chance to win the team title. Hopes were not this high going in, as there were a good number of upsets at the world team trials, resulting in a relatively inexperienced team. Durlacher, Pritzlaff, and the Zadick brothers were all making their first world championship appearance, yet all came away with medals.

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