September 29, 2006

So Shoot Me

Ok, so the funniest thing I've been reading the last few weeks are NFL previews as done on Super Tecmo Bowl, the 1991 Nintendo game. This guy has updated 2006 rosters in the game and he simulates each game and does a writeup about it before each week. I sit here and laugh out loud at the strange way this guy's brain works. Yeah, he uses a lot of bad language, but if I can't laugh when some guy swears on the internet about fake football games, what the heck was the point of growing up? Anyhow, just go read one of these things and try to tell me you didn't laugh...hard.

NFL Week 4 Preview, as presented by the Ex-Burgher

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Nate Smith said...

That was pretty damn funny...or a "biscuit" as he might say. This blog is a biscuit as well. I'm gonna link to it. Care to return the favor?

Nate Smith