August 16, 2006

A picture, plus some things that bug me

Without delay, things that bug me right now

1. Rising interest rates
2. People who put songs on their MySpace pages
3. Creamy peanut butter
4. The saying, "I could care less"
5. People who give their kids goofy names
6. College kids who give/get $5,000 engagement rings (sorry, Vikki's sister, it's true)
7. Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, John Kruk, and Joe Morgan
8. New Jersey
9. Professional golf
10. Tofu
11. "Reality" television
12. Watching pitchers try to hit
13. SUVs
14. Library borrowing restrictions on Playstation 2 games
15. Your favorite American Idol contestant (it doesn't matter who it is)
16. Real estate prices in Chicagoland (non-scary neighborhoods division)
17. Lyndon LaRouche
18. Fresno State University
19. Mushrooms
20. Traffic on the Eisenhower Expressway


Victoria said...

LOVE the picture - you make me proud, Janet!!!

Uncle Cliff said...

What's wrong with peanut butter? I love it!

DMM said...

What does a 5K engagement ring look like?