July 30, 2006

Stinking jet stream (or something)

Is jillion a number? I think it could be, because it is a jillion degrees out there. Well, it's cooled off to 84, but it's also 9:30 at night. It's supposed to be 96 tomorrow, which is just dandy.

Ok, enough with the weather.

Sometimes I get in a rut with my cooking. It's like we have the same dang thing every week. This week, we're shaking it up a bit. Trying something new; bringing back some stuff that I rarely make. Thai chicken stir fry was good tonight. Mulligatawny and some shrimp and andouille sausage thing still to come this week. Of course, the filet was on sale, so I'll stick to a classic. I get better at cooking it all the time, but I so wish I had a grill. Someday. Of the many things at Liz's house that made me jealous, the grill was near the top, as cooking steak in an old saute pan just isn't the same at all.

It's still pretty good though. It is a tenderloin filet after all.

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