July 6, 2006

Scale This

I decided today that I'm tired of things that are measured on a scale that doesn't start at zero or at least one. For example, the SAT is scored from 200-800 on each section. What is the point of this? Is it to make people feel better about themselves? The only possible reason I can come up with is that the average total for the two sections hovers around 1000, which is a nice big round number, but I'm pretty srue we could have figured our what is average if the scores ranged from 0-600 instead. Also, credit scores run from roughly 300-850, depending on who's counting. Is this to spare someone the stigma of a single digit score? Third, baseball scouting uses a scale from 20-80 to rate the abilities of players in different aspects of the game. I have even read books about scouting and I still don't know why they picked 20-80 instead of 0-60.

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