July 22, 2006

Long Trip Home

Camp went well. We had a little bit of a concussion epidemic with the campers, but I'm not going to get into that because it just ticks me off.

The real excitement came when I tried to come home on Thursday afternoon. Due to weather in Chicago, the flight kept getting pushed back and back. First it was 6:24, then I went to the airport and found out it was 8:10, so I left, then it was 10:24, then 11:10. I went to the airport in time to make the flight, but the crackerbox that is Harrisburg International Airport closes security at 8:00pm, so I couldn't leave. Tony came back and got me (again) and I had to spend another night in PA, therefore missing Janet, as she had to leave yesterday for a wedding (the fainting maid of honor) in Vermont.

Yesterday, Tony and Ben took me to the airport and I was finally able to wing my way home, pick up the bags, and take the train home. Now, after two weeks of camp, it's back to the regular Life and Times of Andy Vogel. First on the list is cleaning up this disaster of an apartment.

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