July 26, 2006

Can't Wait

I just can't wait for school to start, the kids to come back, and with that, the unofficial beginning of wrestling season. I get to see my new freshmen in action and catch up with the returning wrestlers as we all prepare for a vastly improved 2006-2007 edition of Wheaton Wrestling. Numbers should be up, people are healthy, and Toby is back from his conference-transfer-mandated year off. We should have 18-20 on the team this year for some desperately needed depth. The new guys and old guys can keep each other sharp and keep the team going strong. Also, the team should feature wrestlers from 13 different states, which has to be some kind of record. For the record, the 13 are California, Connecticut, Florida, New York, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Washington, Massachusetts, Maine, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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