July 3, 2006

All-Star Voting

I rarely, if ever, vote for the MLB All-Star Game rosters, but something spurred me on today. For the past few years, the fans have had the chance to vote for one extra All-Star who wasn't voted in or selected by the manager. After learning that Ozzie Guillen picked six of his own White Sox players, even though they're not in first place, and, furthermore, that world-class jerk A.J. Pierzynski is one of the players up for the final vote, I rushed over to MLB.com and voted five times for Travis Hafner, who's having the best season of any AL first basemen, but was left off in the voting by the fans and left off so Ozzie could have both of his first basemen.

Anyhow, everyone should go to the website and vote for Hafner a few dozen times just to make sure Pierzynski gets left out and a deserving Hafner gets to play.

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