July 30, 2006

You should go...

to Vogel State Park.

Stinking jet stream (or something)

Is jillion a number? I think it could be, because it is a jillion degrees out there. Well, it's cooled off to 84, but it's also 9:30 at night. It's supposed to be 96 tomorrow, which is just dandy.

Ok, enough with the weather.

Sometimes I get in a rut with my cooking. It's like we have the same dang thing every week. This week, we're shaking it up a bit. Trying something new; bringing back some stuff that I rarely make. Thai chicken stir fry was good tonight. Mulligatawny and some shrimp and andouille sausage thing still to come this week. Of course, the filet was on sale, so I'll stick to a classic. I get better at cooking it all the time, but I so wish I had a grill. Someday. Of the many things at Liz's house that made me jealous, the grill was near the top, as cooking steak in an old saute pan just isn't the same at all.

It's still pretty good though. It is a tenderloin filet after all.

July 26, 2006

For a Limited Time Only

Everyone should go to The Doings, a local paper, and see the picture of Janet in the upper right hand corner with Grabowski, the mascot of the Arena Football Chicago Rush. I imagine this will only last until the next issue, so go there right this second.

UPDATE: Too late, it's gone:(

Can't Wait

I just can't wait for school to start, the kids to come back, and with that, the unofficial beginning of wrestling season. I get to see my new freshmen in action and catch up with the returning wrestlers as we all prepare for a vastly improved 2006-2007 edition of Wheaton Wrestling. Numbers should be up, people are healthy, and Toby is back from his conference-transfer-mandated year off. We should have 18-20 on the team this year for some desperately needed depth. The new guys and old guys can keep each other sharp and keep the team going strong. Also, the team should feature wrestlers from 13 different states, which has to be some kind of record. For the record, the 13 are California, Connecticut, Florida, New York, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Washington, Massachusetts, Maine, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

July 22, 2006

Long Trip Home

Camp went well. We had a little bit of a concussion epidemic with the campers, but I'm not going to get into that because it just ticks me off.

The real excitement came when I tried to come home on Thursday afternoon. Due to weather in Chicago, the flight kept getting pushed back and back. First it was 6:24, then I went to the airport and found out it was 8:10, so I left, then it was 10:24, then 11:10. I went to the airport in time to make the flight, but the crackerbox that is Harrisburg International Airport closes security at 8:00pm, so I couldn't leave. Tony came back and got me (again) and I had to spend another night in PA, therefore missing Janet, as she had to leave yesterday for a wedding (the fainting maid of honor) in Vermont.

Yesterday, Tony and Ben took me to the airport and I was finally able to wing my way home, pick up the bags, and take the train home. Now, after two weeks of camp, it's back to the regular Life and Times of Andy Vogel. First on the list is cleaning up this disaster of an apartment.

July 13, 2006


One camp down, one to go. Regular posting schedule to resume then.

July 6, 2006

Dine Around

Tonight we experienced the Oak Park version of Taste of Chicago. Every Thursday in the summer, there is Dine Around Oak Park. For $12, you get four tickets to be used at any participating restaurant, and each ticket gets you stuff that costs more than $3 regularly, so it's the biggest bargain in town. We had an appetizer of potstickers, french toast and tacos as entrees, and a brownie sundae for dessert. You should come to Oak Park on a Thursday and do this with us.

Scale This

I decided today that I'm tired of things that are measured on a scale that doesn't start at zero or at least one. For example, the SAT is scored from 200-800 on each section. What is the point of this? Is it to make people feel better about themselves? The only possible reason I can come up with is that the average total for the two sections hovers around 1000, which is a nice big round number, but I'm pretty srue we could have figured our what is average if the scores ranged from 0-600 instead. Also, credit scores run from roughly 300-850, depending on who's counting. Is this to spare someone the stigma of a single digit score? Third, baseball scouting uses a scale from 20-80 to rate the abilities of players in different aspects of the game. I have even read books about scouting and I still don't know why they picked 20-80 instead of 0-60.

July 5, 2006

Taste of Chicago

The Taste of Chicago festival is going on in Grant Park right now, and the weather cooperated for a pleasant trip and some good food last night. We had fried dough, fried artichoke hearts, goat meat, spicy polish sausage, and saganaki (fried cheese). Pictures below

July 3, 2006

All-Star Voting

I rarely, if ever, vote for the MLB All-Star Game rosters, but something spurred me on today. For the past few years, the fans have had the chance to vote for one extra All-Star who wasn't voted in or selected by the manager. After learning that Ozzie Guillen picked six of his own White Sox players, even though they're not in first place, and, furthermore, that world-class jerk A.J. Pierzynski is one of the players up for the final vote, I rushed over to MLB.com and voted five times for Travis Hafner, who's having the best season of any AL first basemen, but was left off in the voting by the fans and left off so Ozzie could have both of his first basemen.

Anyhow, everyone should go to the website and vote for Hafner a few dozen times just to make sure Pierzynski gets left out and a deserving Hafner gets to play.