June 28, 2006

I missed

Well, I didn't make it. I missed blogging yesterday. I had a great topic all picked out, but then I started cooking my gyros, and then Janet was using the computer, and then it was bedtime. Anyhow, I'll make up for it with two posts today.

First, the Gyrobike. Invented by college students for a class, it's designed to help kids keep from falling while learning good riding habits. If you start to wobble on a bike, you should steer into the fall, which is natural for you and me, but not necessarily to a six year old. On a bicycle moving at a normal speed, the wheels act as a stabilizing gyroscopic force, aiding with balance, but at slow speeds, the force is less, so there is less stability. Just try riding slow, then fast, and tell me which is easier. Anyhow, the mechanism on the Gyrobike simulates a higher speed for the front wheel, thus adding stability at the slow speeds at which new riders typically ride.

More to come later.

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