June 7, 2006

2nd Period Fall

So I wrestled a match on Saturday. I signed up for an NHSCA qualifying tournament and showed up, hoping at least one person would be in my weight class. Well, one person was, and we wrestled. I didn't get much of a warmup, so it took me a while to get going. I almost gave up a takedown, but managed to avoid it by going out of bounds. Then, I scored with an inside trip from a front headlock and an underhook. In the second period, I escaped right away, then performed a go-behind off his shot and picked up his right leg when he stood up. I dumped him to his back for a two count, secured the Navy ride, then lifted his leg up, transitioning to a low leg cradle for the fall. Then I called it a day and went home, after picking up luch at Chipotle.

It was good to win, but it was a little unsatisfying, as my opponent stood way far away the whole time, only coming close to shoot. I was hoping to mix it up a bit more inside. The important thing is that I won, thus running my post-college record in all styles and at all venues to 8-2, if my memory is worth anything.

Here I am back in my younger days:

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James Sutton said...

I read your blog twice trying to see if I could get any kind of idea about what any of that meant ... no luck.

Basically it sounds like you kicked someone's tail.

Is that about the jist of it?