May 17, 2006

Site Blocked

So I'm sitting here in Panera waiting for my car to be serviced (not at Panera, at the dealer), and I get this message when I head to Kathi's blog.

The SonicWALL Content Filter Has Blocked this site.
If you feel this site has been blocked in error,
Please submit a URL Rating Review at:


Reason for restriction: Forbidden Category ""

I mean, I suppose people might offended at the current "All Wedding All the Time" format, but I'm not sure it warrants censoring on the Panera wifi connection.

1 comment:

1389 said...

While researching for more information about censorware and blogs, I happened to notice your post about being blocked by SonicWall.

For rolling updates on the current status of our battle against blog censorship - and for information on what you can do to help - please visit and bookmark this link:

Also, should you happen to find out about any more censorware companies, and/or WiFi sites, schools, and other venues that are strangling freedom of expression in this manner, please let us know so that we can get something done about it!