April 5, 2006

You, ma'am, are an idiot

Let me relay a story to you:

Black congresswoman Cynthia McKinney tried to bypass security to get into the Capitol building. Fair enough, this happens all the time. Congressman are given special pins to wear that signify their position, though some more famous representatives tend to forget from time to time and are allowed to go through on recognition. Well, Congresswoman McKinney was not recognized by the guard on duty at the time, tried to sail on through and ignored three requests to stop. At this point, the guard placed a hand on her arm. McKinney then proceeded to hit the guard. Yes, that's right, a member of congress assaulted a member of the Capitol Police. Wait, it gets better. McKinney has since called the incident an example of racial profiling against her. I'm not certain at what point a guard not recognizing someone and asking for some ID is racial profiling, but then again, I'm generally considered to be a rational person. There are 435 representatives and 100 senators. That's a lot of faces to remember. Heck, sometimes the representatives need the pins to identify each other since you can end up with 30 or 40 new faces every two years. At this point in the story, the US Attorney is trying to determine whether McKinney will be arrested. Whether she's arrested or not, she's an idiot, and I'm glad she doesn't represent me.


sanskritg said...

No worries. She's got a primary opponent who has outraised her as a result of the incident.

sanskritg said...

...and she lost, in a primary run-off.