April 24, 2006

Car Trouble

The other day, we took the Saab into the shop because it was stalling and hesitating and the air conditioner wasn't working. They "fixed" both problems and sent us home. This held us over for 2 whole days until we were driving the old Saab on Sunday and the AC didn't work and the car hesitated and stalled. Hmmm, seems like there is still a problem. Soooooo, we're taking it back to the shop tomorrow to hopefully find out what's really wrong with it and how much that will cost. This will be the third time into the shop this month, and we're up to about a thousand bucks in repairs so far. Much more and it will be time to kick the old girl to the curb.

For this reason, I got in touch with my mom's dad, a Ford retiree. If we get a new car, it will be a Ford Focus ZX3 since he can give me the retiree discount and there is three grand worth of discounts going these days. I want to get a yellow one. Anyhow, I'll keep you, the loyal readership, posted on our car status. I find myself starting to dislike Swedes as a result of this experience, but I bet it will pass.

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