March 8, 2006


Recruiting at Wheaton has gone well of late. Thanks to an unusual confluence of events, we were able to admit more wrestlers than expected. This should have a good impact on the team for the future, as I believe a lot of the wrestlers will eventually come to Wheaton. That, and we've got a few more on the back burner that may end up bolstering the squad even more. It's a self-sustaining process, recruiting. If you consistently have poor recruiting classes and poor competition results, that makes it tough to get any momentum goin when recruits look at your program and wonder why they should join it to lose. It seems to be key to make a big (or at least medium) recruiting splash in your first year in order to build enthusiasm and make kids see the difference in the program. Then you can leverage the success of a good recruiting class into future good classes, and while hard work will always be a part of things, you can gradually bring the level of the program up and your reputation can preceed you with some wrestlers. Augsburg, one of the premier teams in Division III has shirts that proclaim, "Tradition Doesn't Graduate." That's the Stephen Colbert All You Need to Know on recruiting.

In other news, I've had a lot on my mind the last few days. Some is work related, some is related to the obscene amount of baseball reading I've done in the past week, and some is unrelated to either of those. I'll work it out though. I process internally.

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Coach Mac said...


This is Coach Mac from CVCA. You need to recruit from your old high school. Here's some highlights from
this years State tourney.

May take awhile to download.

Glad to see yoour still involved in the sport.