March 9, 2006

The power of the internet

The following is an AOL Instant Messenger conversation I had today:

jzkornbluh: Hey
LegendOfAndy: do i know you
jzkornbluh: No....but I saw some videos of you wrestling and you're good
jzkornbluh: I'm a wrestler for a highschool in a small town in NJ that noone's ever heard of
LegendOfAndy: so how did you see me wrestle
jzkornbluh: someone made highlights of you...idk if you know them or not
jzkornbluh: I'll get the url for you so you can see
LegendOfAndy: i put that there
jzkornbluh: oh
LegendOfAndy: so my friends/family could see it, but it's cool that you found it
jzkornbluh: I've been looking for some unusual moves, and the one where you hook the near leg and hop over is great...I've been trying to figure it out and I think I have it down
LegendOfAndy: make sure you check your state's rule's illegal in a lot of states
LegendOfAndy: but it's fine in college
jzkornbluh: Oh yeah...the holding the leg back...
LegendOfAndy: but it is my favorite move
jzkornbluh: i seemed to use it a lot
LegendOfAndy: it looks good on a highlight tape at least, but i did do it pretty frequently
jzkornbluh: were beating on some pretty good people
LegendOfAndy: well, they weren't all good
jzkornbluh: was that all in one tournament? or across the whole season?
LegendOfAndy: the whole season
LegendOfAndy: well, most of it anyhow
jzkornbluh:'re still in college or just out of it?
LegendOfAndy: i graduated in 2003
jzkornbluh: still go to open tournaments?
LegendOfAndy: i've been to one or two
LegendOfAndy: maybe i will some day
jzkornbluh: how'd you do?
LegendOfAndy: in the open tournaments or in college
jzkornbluh: both
LegendOfAndy: i won one and lost one at the prairie state games last summer, but i placed 2nd, 7th, and 7th in Division III in college
jzkornbluh: nice

The video he was talking about can be found here. For your viewing pleasure, another is here.

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