March 15, 2006

Kicking Butts and Taking Names

Wheaton has historically been the top dog of Christian colleges, both in the classroom and in athletics, but any illusions that the school clings to athletic supremacy surely must have been dashed in recent months by my alma mater, Messiah College. Here's a quick sport by sport comparison for the year to date.

Men's Soccer
Messiah: Undefeated, fourth title in six years
Wheaton: 5 losses, loses in second round of NCAA Tournament, 1999 runner up, 1997 champ

Women's Soccer
Messiah: Undefeated national champs, 2002 and 2004 final four
Wheaton: 2004 National Champs, nine straight conference titles

Women's Tennis:
Messiah: doubles team reaches conference semifinal
Wheaton: conference champs

Messiah: Undefeated since 1909 (that's a joke, kids)
Wheaton: 2002-2004 made NCAA Playoffs

Messiah: Losing record, not a lot of recent success here
Wheaton: Winning record, middle of the road in CCIW

Field Hockey
Messiah: NCAA Runner up, ten final fours
Wheaton: no team

Cross Country
Messiah: Women-conference champ, Men-7th of 12
Wheaton: Women-conference champ, Men-national qualifier as a team

Men's Basketball
Messiah: Lose in NCAA 2nd round
Wheaton: 11-14, fifth in CCIW

Women's Basketball
Messiah: Lost in NCAA 2nd round
Wheaton: Lost in NCAA 3rd round

Messiah: 1 NCAA Qualifier, NCAA GPA Champ
Wheaton: no qualifiers, one dual meet win

Messiah: nice pool, no team
Wheaton: Women place 11th at nationals, Men still to swim

That's it for this year so far, with the spring still to come. In the spring, both schools will field baseball, softball, men's tennis, and track. Wheaton fields a women's water polo team, while Messiah features both men's and women's lacrosse. Both schools have had succes, though Messiah has been better on the national level, Wheaton hangs in with some overall quality. Messiah is way ahead in wrestling, but it's my job to fix that.

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