February 23, 2006

Olympic Comments

The Winter Olympics are nearly finished, and I've seen quite a bit of it, so I'll make comments on it and be done with it.

- I really don't like judged sports. Too much reputation involved.

- The figure skating scoring is whacked. How can you fall twice in one program and win a silver medal?

- Sports where everyone goes one at a time and the difference is in the hundredths of seconds are not good on TV, since you're pretty much taking the clock's word for it that the German guy was faster than the Italian guy or whatever.

- Good thing Sasha Cohen won that medal, since it will be tough for her to skate as well once she goes through puberty.

- Snowboard Cross was clearly the most exciting part of the Olympics. It had everything: high speeds, direct competition, and frequent wrecks.

- Bode Miller really set himself up for a fall with his "skiing wasted" comments before the games, then he went and delivered some stinker performances.

- I've decided that Shani Davis and Eric Hedrick are both idiots, though I would for once like to see a minority athlete (or his mother) in a primarily white sport just win without dragging racism into it. Isn't winning enough?

- Staying on speedskating, it's really fun to see how fast you can say "Joey Cheek." Come on, try it....JoeyCheek JoeyCheek JoeyCheek

- Apolo Ohno needs to shave that thing clinging to his chin.

- My favorite Olympian so far is a figure skater, shockingly. Italian Silvia Fontana is 29 years old and has been retired since 2002. She came back after four years off to qualify and compete in her home country. She finished in 22nd in the free skate, but that's not really the point. She came back just to stand on the ice and have her countrymen cheer for her, a woman in a sport for little girls. That was more fun for me than watching any other skater as she completely broke down in happy tears the second her routine ended. Easily, easily my favorite Olympic moment this time around. (in 2004, my favorite moment was watching Rulon Gardner sitting in the middle of the mat taking his shoes off to symbolize his retirement as tears rolled down the face of this giant of a man)

- I haven't heard a better nickname in a long time than "The Flying Tomato."

- Johnny Weir appears to look, act, and sound exactly like an 11 year old girl. (by the way, in his pre-Olympics featurette, he talked about how he makes certain "Republican-type people" uncomfortable...when did Republican become a euphemism for straight?)

- Aerial skiing looks exactly the same for every competitor until the landing, and they never adequately explained how a guy who jumps and spins on skis got the nickname "Speedy."

- All the Italian lugers had German names. Can someone explain this to me?

- Tanith Belbin was the most beautiful athlete at the games, yet she skates with Ben Agosto, who looks like a muppet. The disconnect is jarring.

- The media is making a big deal about the American hockey performance, or lack thereof. Didn't they notice that no one cared when hockey skipped a season last year?

- Don't you think short track speed skaters should be armed with those jousting things like on American Gladiators?

- That article I read was right. Dick Button is the Simon Cowell of the Olympics.

- Curling looks really hard, but it's still boring to watch.

So that's it. It's been most of a good fortnight. As a rule, the events look really difficult, but are still pretty unexciting on TV.


Anonymous said...

Dear Andy,

Here is why you suck:

I have successfully avoided every major news, media, etc website today becuase i wanted to watch the figure skating long program without knowing what happened. I did this very well... right up until the COMMERCIAL before Sasha Cohen skated.... when I got bored of waiting and decided to read people's blogs. Your blog seemed fairly safe - the odds of you writing about figure skating were slim to none. I was quite wrong. Literally, after avoiding the internet since 1 oclock today, it's AS Sasha was taking the ice, I'm reading this entry and learning that not only did she get silver but that she fell twice.

You are so far down on my good list right now it's not even funny.


P.S. Agreed, Tanith Belbin is the most attractive athlete in the entire games.

Jimmy said...

Agreed with everything but the curling call. I find the sport sort of interesting watch. Yeah it looks harder than a frozen watermelon, but that is what makes it so interesting to watch. How the heck do they make shots like that??

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