January 27, 2006

All in a day's work

So I'm sitting in my office yesterday when the director of the Sport and Recreation Complex brings a guy by to see me. This guy came to Wheaton yesterday and wanted to talk to the wrestling coach. All right, I'm thinking, perhaps he's interested in coming to Wheaton. He tells me his name and that he's coming to Wheaton next fall after working for a year in the area after high school.

Now, this was odd for two reasons. First, freshman applications were due three weeks ago and no student has been notified of the admissions decision, and won't until the end of March at the earliest. The only other option is that he applied early, got in, and now decided to come strolling on by. Secondly, anyone who wrestled for his high school (which is IN WHEATON) should have probably talked to me or the head coach at some point earlier in the process.

Anyhow, he says he wrestled in high school, so I ask him how he did. Did he qualify for Sectionals, that sort of thing. He gives me a vague answer that involves something about Springfield and mentions guys from other schools. None of this inspires confidence, but he says he got into the school and is coming in the fall. I take down his information and tell him we'll be in touch. At this point, I'm seriosuly skeptical, because none of this made any sense. So, I send a message to the admissions office with his name and address, trying to get some answers.

Meanwhile, I go to practice and ask one of our wrestlers who would have been his high school teammate for three years, had he actually wrestled. Our guy had never heard of him. I had my answer from admissions this morning. They'd never heard of this kid either, which means he's not coming here in the fall. He seemed a little out of it when we talked, and I'm wondering if he realized that you have to, you know, fill out an application and take the ACT if you want to come to Wheaton.

The final act of this play involves me searching for his name on Google. All I can come up with is a result that lists his name, his address, and his age in an old newspaper story in which it appears he was sentenced to 20 days in jail for retail theft. All I get is the summary, because the actual page isn't listed. Unfortunately, the DuPage County court records aren't online. Frankly, I hope he doesn't come back, because I don't want to be the one to explain the whole college application process.

I bet John Smith doesn't have to deal with this.

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