December 19, 2005

I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance... switching away from GEICO.

It's true. By switching from GEICO to Traveler's, I'm saving 39%. Significant, I'd say. I'm not sure how companies calculate their premiums (they all do it differently), but GEICO was among the cheaper options for us back in 2003 in North Carolina. Now, as we've moved to Chicago and to the end of 2005, they are one of the more expensive. Getting that gargantuan bill made me want to check out our options, and I'm glad I did. 39%!! You should got get some quotes and compare it to what you've been paying. Remember that there is no penalty for changing insurance companies during your policy. They have to refund your money that you've already paid. This is why there are so many commercials for car insurance. GEICO seems to be leading the pack here, which might explain why Traveler's was so much less.

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