November 20, 2005

Perhaps the greatest five minutes in American cinema

This is my third post today, so go read the other two.

A League of Their Own was on today, and it always hooks me. The "no crying in baseball" scene is directly followed by the bus driver quitting and then the poisoning scene. I rarely laugh as hard as I do at this silly movie. In a five minute span, you've got "There's no crying in baseball," "it's that lump that's three feet above your a**," "did anyone ever tell you that you look like a p**** with a little hat on," the bus driver, Lou, throwing a handful of dirt in Miss Cuthbert's face, "by the way, you were great in The Wizard of Oz," "Evelyn, I'm going to have to kill your son," "He's really a sweetheart....Yeah, I hope I have five just like him," and "in all my years as a doctor, I never saw a woman throw up that much."

This is Tom Hanks' greatest movie, and I refuse to discuss otherwise.

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