November 12, 2005

The MegaMillions is at $310 million

If I won (I'd have to buy a ticket first), these are things I would do. Now, they aren't the first things I would do, but hey, it would take a while to spend that much cash.

1. Eat at Charlie Trotter's, twice
2. Buy a suit that cost at least $2000 and a leather jacket that cost at least $500
3. Get a pilot license
4. Get rid of that Saab once and for all
5. Videotape myself lighting a $100 bill on fire, just so I could watch it
6. Go back to Europe (minus the tour bus and Polish sense of time)
7. Three Words: Obscenely Large Television
8. Sit in the seats behind home plate and try not to flinch when a foul ball comes ripping back
9. Toss cash around until I convince Wheaton College to restore the wrestling room to it's original size (as long as none of the money helps build this superfluous building for the Conservatory of Music)
10. I would still be a wrestling coach

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