October 19, 2005

Wrestling Video

(Edited 10/21/2005 - Several people have mentioned that there were some ads of questionable moral content being displayed at the link for my video, so I've removed the link from this post. I hadn't noticed this at first, but it's obviously a problem. If you want to see the video, send me an email, and I'll send you the link with a warning about the nature of the ads.)

I was able to get some video of myself digitized. I made a clip show that you can download if you want to see it. I'm planning to use the video to demonstrate techniques I show to wrestlers, but my first video is just a clip show set to music. It is seven minutes long, 18MB big, and can be downloaded (link deleted). Be patient, it might take a while depending on your connection speed.


Anonymous said...

Try posting it through yousendit.com

The links don't last forever, but it's free and any file size at all and no questionable ads.

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