October 11, 2005

A story I thought of for no reason at all

When I was in sixth grade, our class changed rooms mid-year. This means we all got new lockers. For most of the year after that, I was proud of myself for never messing up my combination and always getting into my locker on the first time. Thankfully, I never bragged about this to my sixth grade classmates because near the end of the year, I had a hunch and tried to open the locker without the combination. It popped right open, ending any good feelings I had about my locker-opening prowess. I think my life was never the same.


Anonymous said...

You are living in Chicago... tell us something fun about the new place.

If I can place a request... your 5 favorite things about Chicago.

Please? :)

- Brooke

s_man said...

that would explain a lot...