September 10, 2005

So, um, how's it going

A lot of people have been asking me how the season is shaping up with the Wheaton Wrestling Team, so I think I'll put it here. By all means, keep asking, but here's where we are as of today.

I'm pumped up for the upcoming season. We have a smallish team, but until I figure out how to conjure wrestlers out of thin air, I'll work with it. We'll fill most of the weight classes, and it's not like we're trying to win any tournaments or go undefeated. I'm focusing on individual success this year and next, with the hope that increased recruiting efforts combined with good coaching will raise the scoring on an individual and team basis.

I would say that in the last six months, Wheaton has gone from being one of the most under-resourced Division III wrestling teams to one of the best. Now, if the team budget has increased, it's only been incremental, but the increase in human capital has been enormous. There's really no way to describe the impact of gaining both a full-time assistant and a volunteer strength coach at the same time. The strength and conditioning coach provides a program that can make an incredible difference in the fitness of the wrestlers, while I, as the full-time assistant, can take care of administrative tasks, be there during strength training and conditioning, and put my considerable technique skills to work in the practice room. Combining that with having a good, if overworked, coach already in place, and it will not be long before Wheaton Wrestling again commands respect in Division III. I think it will help in recruiting as well, when I can call a high school wrestler and tell him that we have a strength coach as well as myself being there to supervise and encourage the work. At most every other DIII school, the athletes may get a strength program, but there is no provision to supervise the workouts because few schools have a full time assistant for this purpose. I'll also have the ability to hold individual workouts to further improve the wrestlers' technique. Needless to say, the level of individualized instruction at Wheaton now rivals that of any school, regardless of division.

Like I said, I'm excited at where we are and where we're going.

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