September 14, 2005

Inspired Writing

I was going back and looking at my AL and NL preview to see how I did on picking division winners. At this point, if things hold, I picked 3 out of 6. I can get to 4 of 6 if the Yankees catch the Red Sox, but I'm hoping to stay at 3. Anyhow, when I went back looking for it, I stumbled upon a post on my now defunct sports blog Foul Territory. The post, found here, is entitled "Winning Baseball," and in it I make six or so points about what it takes to build a winning baseball team. A lot of the information is pretty obvious if you read Baseball Prospectus or can define the term "sabermetrics," but I think what I did was pretty well written, and it has held up to the test of time. A lot of times, I'll go back and read what I wrote in my blog and wonder if I thought it was good at the time. This, this is different. This is good, and I'd appreciate it if you read it and care even the slightest bit about baseball.

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