September 11, 2005

I should stop looking this stuff up

So I was comparing college tuition costs today. I already knew that Grove City was the best value in Christian Education, but I wanted to know by how much. See below the complete approximate annual costs for four private schools:

Grove City: $15,784
Wheaton: $27,660
Messiah: $28,910
Loyola Chicago: $33,634

You can see the difference, and Grove City still offers more in the way of scholarships and aid than Wheaton. The best deal in Christian Education? Without a doubt.

Now to the part I should stop looking up, for fear of sending me over the edge. Messiah College has really upped the amounts of their academic aid. I just determined that if I had received all the same scholarships from Messiah, but at their current levels, my total out of pocket cost for an entire year (minus books and other incidentals but including room and board) would be approximately $3,400. That's state school territory right there, folks. Hey, I'm not complaining (too much) about this. It's great for the kids who are there, now, but the burden of college debt would be non-existent if I were five years younger. I (mostly) knew about the debt going in, so it's not like it's some great injustice or surprise, but still, seeing numbers like that hurts a tiny little bit.

Was being at Messiah worth it? Ask me when the debt is paid off.


lara said...

My total student loan debt just got to a number less than 29K. This is a good thing. :)

I'm surprised that Messiah is more than Wheaton. I think both are less than the last 2 schools I've worked for though....

Lisa said...

As a former Grover, I have to comment... GCC may be a great deal but it isn't exactly for everyone. You may end up paying up for the difference in therapy alone ;)

ha ha, Honestly though-- it wasn't that bad, but there were quie a few hidden fees. Like walking on the grass. $50. Taking a banana from the cafeteria. $50. Parking. $125. And that computer... If anything happens to it before you graduate you HAVE to pay for it because it isn't technically yours yet (my roommate's monitor stopped working and it cost her $1000.00). And let's not forget they don't accept federal aid. All aid is controlled by the college itself. Scholarships were very limited as well....

I could go on... and if that isn't enough, it's in Grove City, PA! The biochemistry department was awesome though :)