September 26, 2005

Eastern Europe Journal #3 - 8/5

August 5th, 2005 - Bydgoszcz

We arrived from Poznan at our hostel, which is pretty gross, especially the bathrooms. I'm pretty sure it is also cheap, which is good when traveling Europe on a budget.

We did a bit of sightseeing here in the heart of Bydgoszcz, which I finally learned how to spell. Oh, and it it's pronounced BID-goash, a nice two syllable word. First we were given a tour of the city hall, which is a very nice building. At least the people of the town know where the tax money goes. At the end of the tour, they had fruit and cookies set up in a conference room. We felt important.

Following that, some of us toured a cathedral featuring a 450 year old painting at its center. Near as I could tell Pope John Paul II had been there more than once (he was Polish, don't ya know), but I was getting my information from Dan, who was speaking Russian to the Polish head coach. The only Polish I know is "thank you," which sounds vaguely like jin-KOOL-ya.

Then we took a boat tour, the main feature of which was that it did not require walking or standing. I enjoyed relaxing.

Finally, the match. We wrestled a club called Gwiazda (Translated: Stars), but mostly the younger wrestlers. We won nearly all the matches, as we should against teenagers. My match was the fastest, as the guy I wrestled was plenty tall, but rail thin with no muscle. They were all good sports as they gave up both weight and age.

I'm pretty sure we get the older guys tomorrow morning.

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