July 10, 2005

Theme of the week

The theme of the week is Internet Connectivity and How I Can't Get It. Or, at least, it was. I am now connected at work. It was a big hassle involving multiple forms and taking my work laptop over to Computing Services so they could install a truckload of stuff on it to make it talk nice to the network. Actually, it's supposed to keep me and their network "secure," but with the way this Novell software takes over my computer, it makes you wonder if a virus would be worse. I've never really liked any of that Novell stuff because it, like AOL, tries to take control of your system in ways I'm not totally comfortable with. Ah, well, such is life. At least I can get on the Internet and continue my work of compiling lists of potential recruits.

The real problem is here at home. I still have to hitch a ride on some nice neighbor's wireless connection because SBC still hasn't sent me anything. Not only that, but I'm not scheduled to receive my equipment until the 12th and I won't have service until the next day. I wonder what is taking so long, since I ordered over the phone a week ago. Why does it take them 10 days to connect me, especially when they don't even have to come out and do anything, not to mention that it shouldn't take them 10 days to mail me my stuff. It's frustrating, but at least we'll live.

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