July 26, 2005

Real Estate

Some day, we'll buy a house. I'm not sure when this will be, since there's the matter of coming up with a down payment. In this part of the country, that's a pretty sizable sum. It's more money than I have right now, that's for sure. I do know it will be after Janet finishes school, since we'll be headed out toward Wheaton most likely. We can't afford to buy a house out here in Oak Park, anyways.

This is all to say, I'm really hoping for the real estate market in suburban Chicago to absolutely crater. If you live out here and are thinking of selling your house in a few years, this is nothing personal, I just think my life would be better if the real estate market fell off a cliff. I'm sure you understand. That down payment is a lot less when the houses aren't worth so much.

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Lara said...

Ha! Good luck!

I couldn't even begin to afford the housing near where I live.... which is why I stay in these live-in positions as long as I want to live places that are crazy expensive.

But buying would be a good thing... and they make it pretty easy these days with the mortgages that are available. Good luck. :)